The Watch of Caldera

The Watch of Caldera

Goal: The Watch is used by the ruler of Caldera to keep the borders of the lands around Caldera safe but also to keep a small standing army ready for whatever situation arises. The organization and training of those in The Watch is used to quickly expand the army to a larger size when there is trouble that the dwarves must face.

Stated Goal: The Watch is to protect those in the city proper of Caldera as well as the surrounding land.

Size: In all, the number of The Watch (at standing army size) is about 3000.

Alignment: Good

Philosophy: The Watch protects dwarven lands, culture, and lives from anything that would threaten those things held dear. Most of the time, it is the Brotherhood of the Dark Path (the Moredhel) that are the threat, but goblins, evil men, and the occasional renegade dwarven group is a threat, too.

History: Many centuries ago, there was no standing army amongst the dwarves. It was a peaceful time, and there was no need. A small city guard was kept, but rarely needed. The Moredhel then invaded Caldera, burning much of the city, and killing many of the dwarves that lived there. King Bolgar enlisted the aid of the eledhel in Elvandar and mounted a counter-offensive to retake Caldera. In a three year war, the elves and dwarves drove the Dark Brothers back north. Bolgar realized that uninterrupted peace was no longer something the dwarves could count on. Eventually, all of the army pulled back to Caldara with only the occasional patrol scouting the northern borders. Realizing the necessity of having a fighting force ready, but also not wanting to have a standing army in the city, the king officially converted a small section of the army into The Watch. In recent times, the dwarves have not had too many incursions into their own territory, but they converted The Watch into a larger army to assist the Kingdom (along with the eledhel from Elvandar) in fighting the Tsurani during the Riftwar.

Leadership: The Protector is the head of The Watch and reports directly to the king (currently to King Dolgan). He sits on the King’s Council and is the trusted authority on defense and tactical strategy. The current Protector of Caldera is Protector Bori. He’s a good and honorable sort, and is a veteran of the Riftwar.

Headquarters: The Village at Caldera. There is a large building near the center of the city that is known simply as The Watch Headquarters.

Membership Requirements: A dwarf that wishes to enlist in The Watch and commit to a forty year enlistment. Although not really a requirement, in practice most of the members of The Watch are made up of two groups of individuals. The first group is either sons (or the occasional daughter) of lifelong Watch members. The second group is made up of non-first-born son of other families in Caldera who are not going to inherit the family trade or business.

Structure: The Protector is the head of The Watch. The Shields report directly to Protector Bori. They are responsible for each division of The Watch. Each division of The Watch is responsible for a different direction on the compass. Each division has three Captains responsible for a regiment. Each regiment has thee Hammers responsible for a brigade. And each brigade has three Sergeants responsible for a squad. Those squads are made up of 25 dwarves (these are the Ranks). Should there be another war, additional citizens are drafted into service and serve underneath these Ranks. Here is a breakdown:

  • Squad has 25 Ranks and 1 Sergeant.
  • A Brigade has 3 Squads which equals 75 Ranks, 3 Sergeants, 1 Hammer.
  • A Regiment has 3 Brigades which equals 225 Ranks, 9 Sergeants, 3 Hammers, 1 Captain.
  • A Division has 3 Regiments which equals 675 Ranks, 27 Sergeants, 9 Hammers, 3 Captains, 1 Shield.
  • The Watch has 4 Divisions which equals 2700 Ranks, 108 Sergeants, 36 Hammers, 12 Captains, 4 Shields, and The Protector.

Activities: In non-war time, the divisions are responsible for keeping up active patrols along the dwarven borders. The Northern Division patrols the area to the north with the Mordehel threats. The Eastern Division is responsible for the anything that comes over the Grey Towers or through the mines beneath them. The Southern and Western Divisions keep an eye on bandit and goblin activity in the Green Heart Forest – although most of that is to the south, leaving the Western Division with less to deal with than the other three divisions.

At any given point 2 regiments from each division are out on patrol in their area, and the remaining division is responsible for keeping order in the city limits.

Enemies: Moredhel, goblins, trolls

Rivals: There are few small groups of dwarves who resent the martial presence of The Watch, but this opposition is not substantial.

Factions: The Northern Division feels superior to the other divisions because they tend to face more threats than the others. The Western Division is looked down on by most of the other members of The Watch because the “only real threat in the west are squirrels and birds.”

The Watch of Caldera

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