The Mockers

Mockers – The Guild of Thieves

Goal: To profit off of the misfortunes of other who seem have misplaced their valuables.

Stated Goal: The Mockers are just a group of poor people around the city of Krondor who look out for each other.

Size: At best guess, the Mockers number around 700-1000 currently in Krondor.

Alignment: Neutral. The Mockers may be thieves, cutpurses, con-men, and cheats, but they aren’t necessarily evil. They are making a living the only way they know how. Murder or un-authorized beatings are punishable by death within the Mockers organization.

Philosophy: There is a lot of wealth throughout the great city of Krondor . The Mockers just feel that some of it should be allocated to themselves.

History: For as long as there has been civilization, there has been the underbelly of civilization. Thieves, cutpurses, burglars, etc. make a living by stealing or cheating others. The Mockers are such a group of organized thieves in the city of Krondor . They operate on the small scale (pickpocketing, small time thievery) up to large scale heists. They have an understanding with the authorities in the city; as long as the thieves don’t go to far, they are left alone and expected to police themselves. During the siege of Krondor, The Mockers made a deal with Prince Arutha and helped him out of the city. The famous Jimmy the Hand was a member of The Mockers, but was exiled for his help to Arutha. Now, Squire James relies on his connections with the organization every now and then when the time calls.

Leadership: The Mockers are led by a person who goes by the name The Upright Man. Only one or two people know the actual identity of The Upright Man, though. His word is law when it comes to the organization – any thieving must be authorized by him and any punishment is doled out by him.

Headquarters: There is a secret location called “Mother’s” that is considered the headquarters of The Mockers. It’s a secret hideout located in the sewers of Krondor that only members of the Mockers are allowed entrance to. It should be noted that the sewers of Krondor are considered The Mockers’ domain; any one found in the sewers without authorization of The Mockers most likely will be given a beating and a warning the first time. Any further offenses will be met with harsher consequences.

Membership Requirements: All thieves operate under the permission of the guild and owes part of what they steal to the guild. Unauthorized heists are strictly forbidden and have caused a few thieves to be forcefully removed from the city or, worse, left floating face down in the harbor. Therefore, membership is simple – if you are a thief, cutpurse, pick-pocket, burglar, etc., you belong to The Mockers by virtue of the guild dues you must pay in order to continue to exist.

Structure: The Upright Man is at the top of the organization. Beneath him are one or two lieutenants that disperse his wishes. There is the Day Watchmen and Night Watchmen who are both responsible for running the day-to-day (or night-to-night) activities of The Mockers. A small group of Mockers are known as the Bashers that are used as the muscle of the organization to keep thieves in line or unwanted guests out of the sewers.

Activities: All of the activities expected of a Guild of Thieves; stealing, pickpocketing, petty larceny, grand larceny, minor extortion, burglary, etc.

Enemies: There are no organizations that directly oppose The Mockers, but they’ve made plenty of enemies throughout the years by stealing from various members of society. Publicly, the City Watch is opposed to The Mockers, but in practice, they are much more lenient than would be expected.

Rivals: There are no rivals to The Mockers. As a thief in Krondor, you are in The Mockers, or you are not a thief in Krondor for very long.

Factions: There are some people within the Mockers that would not mind being a little more rough than they are allowed under The Upright Man’s rule. But The Upright Man recognizes that to go too far would draw the wrath of the City Watch and the Prince and is content with keeping their activities as beneath the radar as possible.

The Mockers

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