Order of Lornu Ava

Order of Lornu-Ava

Goal: The goal of the Order of Lornu-Ava is to return their god to power and prominence.

Stated Goal: There is no stated goal – it is a clandestine organization and do not publicly advertise their existence.

Size: It is truly impossible to determine an accurate count of their followers. Throughout history, their numbers have swollen and shrunk, but currently could be anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand.

Alignment: Evil

Philosophy: They believe that the Goddess Lornu-Ava should be returned to her rightful place in the pantheon of gods. They look forward to the day she returns and welcome being torn asunder by her power and presence so they may join the void that is Lornu-Ava.

History: Deep in the past of Midkemia, the Order was formed to worship Lornu-Ava. Stories were told about the betrayal of the gods and their part in the detainment of the Goddess. It took time, but a secret organization was formed and set about trying to figure a way to return Lornu-Ava to her rightful place, despite the potential destruction and harm it might cause the world.

Leadership: The current leader is unknown. Most of the followers themselves are unaware of the actual head of their Order.

Headquarters: Unknown

Membership Requirements: Any individual that would like to join the organization faces a tough challenge. First, they must find an existing member. As this Order is relatively secret and not accepted by the bulk of the citizenry, this can be difficult to do. Should a person be diligent enough to find a current member, the person is then taken to a Curate or Archpriest who performs a ritual to determine the person’s true devotion to Lornu-Ava. If they pass, they are admitted as an Initiate. If they fail, they are killed.

Structure: It is assumed there is a leader or council in charge of the Order. Beneath them are Curates, responsible for a variety of tasks but are mostly autonomous and left to carry out the general wishes of the leadership. Curates outrank Archpriests, and Arhcpriests are in charge of Acolytes, while Acolytes instruct the Initiates.

Activities: For centuries, the Order of Lornu-Ava searched for relics of a time when their order was much more powerful. The order secretly worships the Goddess in various locations throughout Midkemia. The group always professed to being intent on brining back Lornu-Ava based on the Prophecy, but only recently seems to have acquired enough information to put the pieces together.

Enemies: The Order of Lornu-Ava considers the orders of the three gods that deposed their Goddess to be their most hated enemies. Followers of Arch-Indar, Wodar-Hopsur, and Dala are all considered hated enemies. Beyond that, they hold little love for the other gods for, in their view, they were complacent in the betrayal of their Goddess.

Rivals: Due to their secretive nature, there are no known rivals to the organization. Although, should they come to more prominence, it can be expected that many of the different religious orders would have something against the Order of Lornu-Ava.

Factions: There is a single-minded-ness that goes along with the Order. Dissent is not tolerated and is punishable by death. Factions do not exist.

Order of Lornu Ava

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