Goal: The Nighthawks’, also known as The Death Guild, goal is simply to make money by assassinating people.

Stated Goal: As a clandestine organization, they do not have a publicly stated goal for the world to observe. Rather, the Nighthawks are a quiet group of individuals, often holding other jobs, until called on to execute a contract.

Size: Unknown, really. If one looks hard enough, they can find a representative of The Death Guild in just about any medium or larger city in the Kingdom. The collective size of the Nighthawks, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess.

Alignment: Neutral. They will take any contract on any person – regardless of the target’s innocence or transgressions. Most of the time, the Nighthawks are hired by evil people looking to inflict harm on their enemies, but there has been the occasional time in history where they have been enlisted by the Crown to seek out a threat to the Kingdom quietly.

Philosophy: Stealth, quickness, and thoroughness. When a Nighthawk is sent to kill a target, there will be one of two possible results. Either the target is killed, or if the Nighthawk is captured during the attempt, they will quickly take a suicide pill that kills them in seconds. It is nearly impossible to take a Nighthawk alive.

History: Assassins are not an unusual tool used throughout the history of nations and kingdoms. The Nighthawks just happen to be a much more organized group of assassins than is typical. Outside of the small jobs that involve killing an unfaithful spouse or arranging for a business rival to have an accident, the Nighthawks have had a hand in some of the larger moments in Kingdom history. They were used as a pawn during the battle with the false Murmandamus as a diversion. They made an attempt on Prince Arutha’s life, instead striking down Princess Anita who would have died if not for the heroic action of her husband and companions, traveling deep into Moredhel territory looking for a unique plant to cure the poison used in the assassination attempt.

Leadership: The Nighthawks are a loose association, with regional leaders who gather occasionally to plan for larger jobs. Very few members of the Nighthawks know the chain of command other than their immediate superior.

Headquarters: Currently unknown. There are several likely locations, but none have been confirmed.

Membership Requirements: There is no way to apply to the Nighthawks, rather members are recruited by existing members. Typical targets for recruitment are accomplished killers. What is unclear is by what means members are convinced to take their own life if they are captured as that is a definite requirement in order to join.

Structure: There are regional groups of Nighthawks, each with their own organizational structure. But within each regional group, there is a common theme: you only know what you need to know and who you need to know. Members know their immediate superior and a few contacts below them, and that’s it.

Activities: They are assassins for hire and that’s it. The group is very low profile at all times, only making an appearance when a contract is being carried out.

Enemies: The Crown of the Kingdom has a definite interest in destroying the Nighthawks. Both for personal reasons (the attack on Prince Arutha) as well as the desire to wipe out a guild that only exists to kill people for money.

Rivals: There are many ‘independent contractors’ that can be used instead of the Nighthawks. These individuals prefer to work on their own and not make the commitment to The Death Guild that is required in order to join. The Nighthawks do not look kindly on these individuals and if they become too successful, they themselves are targeted by the guild.

Factions: With the organization of the guild (with a single person only knowing a few people in it), there is not much of a chance for factions to develop.


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