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Welcome to Midkemia!

Saving the world isn’t going to be easy. We will meet many people who will lend us help along the way. Our travels will also take us all across the face of Midkemia. This wiki serves as a record of the faces and the places we we visit.

Player Characters

Current PC’s
Karlithen Dramorion Silverflame Elric Ravenswing
Bollock Bradley
Former PC’s
Arkas Hordo Streeaka

Non-Player Characters

A listing of the major NPC’s we have encountered along the way.
Under Construction


A list of the cities and other important places we have visited during our quest.
Mines of Mac Modain Cadal
Dwarven Stables
Edder Forest
Cutler’s Gap

Magic Items and Other Artifacts

Dramorion’s catalog of artifacts we have found.
Under Construction

Pantheon of Gods

The tale of this adventure deals with many of the gods and the relationships between them. Here are some of the key gods involved and the adaptions we’ve made for the campaign.
Arch Indar
Lornu Ava
Wodar Hopspur

Tales of Karlithen

Our paladin has been giving glimpses into her background through short stories about her life.
Bandit Camp Choosing Reward
Healer Peace and Quiet

Organizations and Groups of Midkemia

A deeper look at some of the organizations and groups that are important to the world of Midkemia in general and the successful run of the group in this campaign
Order of Lornu Ava
The Watch of Caldera
The Mockers

Main Page

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