Karlithen, an ex-soldier of the army is an accomplished Paladin of Arch-Indar. Her beauty is only matched by her desire for revenge against all of the “wrongs” that have happened during her life. She has had a long and troubled history that has caused her to question her beliefs, question her place upon Midkemia, and question her desire to continue..

She uses her long and slender body to her advantage, most enemies don’t see the killing blow come because they are too distracted watching her move. Infact this tactic has become her favor move and she certainly make the most use of it. After all the gods had given her these abilities for a reason, why not use them to further their cause.

She has just met her fellow adventures recently but most, if not all of them, had already heard of her. She had become quite famous throughout the lands as the army’s executioner. A job the “male” leaders decided to give her since they could not get rid of her. Their conclusion was to give her a job the she “just won’t do” and therefore she would quit and leave the boy to their games. But this just caused Karlithen to be more determined to “show them” that she was a person and not just an object. Her desire to show them up and prove her worth caused her to do things that are most unmentionable.

This inner struggle has caused Karlithen many sleepless night as she tries to determine the best result for all of her actions. Her desire to belong, to be something more then just a beautiful women consumes all of her daily thoughts. For others to think of her as just a women, of just a plaything makes her stunningly mad. To prove that she is worthy, to try and make others understand what makes her tick has caused her to do things that shall not be mentioned. These things leave a scar upon her heart and a wound upon her soul. These things has cause her to question whether or not she should even want to continue with life.

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