Female Paladin of Arch-Indar


Karlithen is an ex-soldier for the army and is now an accomplished Paladin of Arch-Indar. Her beauty is only matched by her desire for revenge against all of the “wrongs” that have happened during her life. She has had a long and troubled history that has caused her to question her beliefs, question her place upon Midkemia, and question even her desire to continue..


Ability Score Mod Mod + 1/2 Level
STR 20 +5 +11
CON 12 +1 +7
DEX 11 +0 +6
INT 10 +0 +6
WIS 19 +4 +10
CHA 20 +5 +11

Hit Points

Maximum Hit Points 116 Bloodied 58 Surge Value 31 Surges Per Day 14

Trained skills

Diplomacy 19 Heal 17 Intimidate 18 Religion 11


AC 30 Fort 24 Reflex 19 Will 25

Background traits

  • Soldier: Superior Weapon Proficiency (Execution Axe)
  • Famous: +1 Diplomacy, -2 to Bluff to pretend you are someone else
  • Strong Hearted: Use Charisma bonus for starting hit points instead of Constitution


  • Mighty Challenge: Divine Challenge deals extra radiant damage equal to Strength modifier (+5).
  • Durable: Increase number of healing surges by 2.
  • Weapon Proficiency (Execution Axe): Gain proficiency with an Execution Axe.
  • Toughness: Gain 5 additional hit points per tier.
  • Weapon Focus Axe: Gain +1 bonus to damage per tier with Axes.
  • Devote Paladin: Gain 1 healing surge, add charisma modifier (+5) to healing hands.
  • Weapon Expertise (Axe): Gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with Axes.
  • Persistent Challenge: Maintain Divine Challenge even if you don’t engage target once per encounter.
  • Power Attack: Gain extra damage to attack with a -2 penalty on attack roll.


  • Medic Execution Axe +3
  • Poisoned Crossbow +2
  • Symbol of Vigor +3


  • Imposters Wyrmscale Armor +4
  • Iron Armbands of Power (Heroic Tier)
  • Amulet Of Vigor +2

Magic Items

  • Belt of Vigor
  • Floating Lantern
  • Bag of Holding (Heroic Tier)
  • Stone of Earth (Paragon Tier)
  • Exodus Knife
  • Instant Campsite (Heroic Tier)
  • Unguent of Darkvision (Paragon Tier)


At-Will Powers
Divine Challenge Lay on Hands Virtuous Strike Ardent Strike

Encounter Powers
Divine Mettle Divine Strength Benign Transposition Righteous Smite Strength of Ten Zealous Smite Virtue

Daily Powers
Knightly Intercession Unyielding Faith Majestic Halo Shield the Virtuous Quester’s Discipline Deathguide’s Stance

The most recent story behind Karlithen…
A Thousand Tears

Her whole life Karlithen has done one thing, killed for a cause. Sometimes this cause was for the army and to complete her missions and sometimes the cause was more for herself. She never liked the killing but through the years it started to affect her less and less the more she did it. Sure, sometimes after a battle she still cries but that’s mostly because of her inner demons more then other reasons. Through the years she stopped being affected by how her killing affected others but she just never had gotten over how the killing affected her.

So many years of training to get to the point where you can drop a blade into someone’s neck and remove their head, so many years of training to do this and not let it affect you, so many years of nightmares to finally get to the point where your dreams don’t keep you awake at night.

Now the killing was coming to Karlithen as second nature, without extra thought, without worrying about the consequences, it’s even gotten to the point where her allies look to her when the killing needs done. With a glancing look and a nod of their heads the meaning is understood by all. What Karlithen has with her allies now she wishes she had experienced five years ago when she was in the army, struggling to become accepted by them. To be respected as a fearsome warrior and a killing soldier. How can these four traveling adventurers accept her killing persona so quickly and so totally when she spent the better part of four long years trying to do the same thing while in the army. It only took just a few short weeks, maybe a month, and her new allies already accepted and understand that Karlithen will kill for a cause. They already understand this and have used her for that purpose on several occasions.

For Karlithen this has been what she has been searching for, people that can use her cold hearted nature and single minded talents for what she has been trained to do. They might not agree with her methods and they might not agree with cause, they might not even agree with how Karlithen lives with what she has done but they accept her for what she is. The last ten years she has been trying to get to this very point in her life, to the point where she is accepted for what she is instead of trying to have her belong as something she is not.

But just like everything else in Karlithens’ life when she finally arrives where she thinks she should be, things have changed. Two years ago, one year ago, or even six months ago if you granted Karlithen one wish she would ask to be in a place in her life just like this. A place where is she accepted, a place where she feels that she belongs. But now that she has finally arrived at where she wants to be, things have changed. She now wishes that she had never accepted that Baron’s offer to go on the great quest, the quest to rid the world of Lorna-Ava.

This quest that she only accepted by the recommendations of a close friend was suddenly thrust upon her and has since spiraled out of her control. Seemingly like most things in her life the purpose behind this quest has altered. It all started with a dream she had about a week ago. It might have been a dream or it might have actually happened but the end result is the same.

She was visited by an angle from Arch-Indar who spoke to her about her past, what she has done, and where she will go. Karlithen can’t remember exactly the words that were spoken but she got the feeling that Arch-Indar was not pleased with her. It wasn’t so much displeased as just disappointed with how things had turned out in Karlithens life. Her god was going to be watching her, testing her to see if she was worthy. The gods were going to be challenging Karlithen to become something more then she had become. The angle compelled Karlithen to complete this quest, almost commanding her to forsake everything else for this cause. The angle spoke of great things to come and that everything that Karlithen had endured her whole life was for the sole purpose behind this quest. She must complete it or all the pain, all the suffering, all the misguided deeds will have been for naught. Before Karlithen could even ask her any questions or get any kind of explanations the angle floating away like it was never there.

After the dream, or vision, or whatever it was Karlithen was scared but this emotion quickly turned into anger. How dare her god challenge her, to question her past and the deeds she had done. Arch-Indar had not lived the life that Karlithen had. How would she know what it was like to be her. How dare her god question what she has done with her life, if not for servants like Karlithen the gods wouldn’t gain the power they do. The angle didn’t even give her a chance to explain herself, to let her tell her side of the story before she left.

In a moment of rage Karlithen reached for her holy symbol to tear it from her body and throw it into a pond, to be lost for all eternity. But as she reached under her layered plates of armor and grabbed the item she felt a sharp pain and let go. She pulled on the chain that held her symbol until it was released from its hiding place. When it was finally swinging in the air before her eyes she saw it had changed in size and shape. It was no longer a small, thin, object made of silver, it was now twice the size and made of gold. She held it in her hands and studied its beauty, for the first time in along time, she actually saw it sparkle in the morning light. Never before had she see her holy symbol do this and this puzzled her greatly. After studying it for sometime she thought better of her actions put it back under her platemail.

The vision that Karlithen had about a week ago seams to have changed the reasons behind Karlithen’s life. She has learned that her life has a meaning, the things she has done have a purpose. Her god is watching over her and has a greater plan for her. There are things that have meaning that you won’t understand and maybe never will. Her life and the reasons behind it could amount to something more meaningful then anything she had ever thought.

Her whole life Karlithen had been tested and challenged to see exactly what she is capable of doing. After the meeting with the angle Karlithen knew her god would confront her with a series of troubles, different problems that Karlithen needed to figure out. To test Karlithen to see if she is really worthy of becoming something more then she ever dreamed. But the test that her god threw at Karlithen was greater then anything she could have imagined. The test was to confront an ageing dragon, the likes that only a handful on Midkemia have ever seen. But this test would be much deeper then anything Karlithen was prepared for.

Raina, or the Lady in Green as Karlithen and her allies liked to call her was the protector of the forest but she was also the keeper of one of the essence of Lorna-Ava. Raina ancestry was passed down through the years, from sons and daughters to grandsons and granddaughters, the duty to protect the essence from all of those that would take it. It was Raina’s duty, it was her calling, and it was her cause. As Raina explained her duties assigned to her the more Karlithen could see herself in Raina. Duty, honor, self-sacrifice, having a cause greater then herself, these are all things Karlithen could respect. Karlithen started to wonder if Raina’s path was slightly different if they couldn’t have become the best of friends.

Unfortunately Karlithen was on a quest to retrieve the essences of Lorna-Ava which Raina would not relinquish to her and this placed Raina in the way of Karlithen’s own duty and self-sacrifice. Karlithen would use some of the very same motivations for getting the essences that Raina was using to defend it. Both were assigned a quest that conflicted with one another and in Karlithen’s eyes Raina wasn’t like most enemies, she wasn’t a threat and she wasn’t evil, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Was this part of the challenge that the goddess of Arch-Indar had warned her about? Was her god testing her? How deep will Karlithen go and how deep does this test intertwine with the beliefs that Karlithen holds so dear. These were all questions that Karlithen thought about while trying to talk Raina out of performing her duty, to somehow convince Raina that giving her the essence was in her best interest. Karlithen knew that all of the talking was worthless because what she said fell on deft ears. Just like her Raina wouldn’t give in and she couldn’t be changed from what she was. When Karlithen finally confronted Raina with the reality of the situation they were left with two certainties, Raina was going to complete her mission or die trying and Karlithen was going to complete her assigned quest or die trying.

When the two sides of this conflict couldn’t resolve their differences peacefully the enviable finally happened and a battle ensued. Raina changed into a dragon, a beautiful green dragon with the wingspan of thirty men. Although she was much more powerful then she let be known she stood alone against Karlithen and her allies. Changing forms, even into a dragon, wouldn’t change the outcome of this battle. Blow by blow the dragon slowly succumbed, weakened by the relentless punishment that Karlithen and her allies where able to perform. As the battle lingered on the enviable defeat of the dragon was assured and the once mighty and proud beast of legends would soon parish before her. Sadness weighed down Karlithen as she watched this great beast slowly being beaten into submission. Never before in her life had Karlithen felt sorrow for an enemy, never before had watching an enemy wither before her leave an emptiness inside of her.

As the battle progressed Raina’s struggled with the gaping wounds, her life force was draining out of her leaving her less powerful to defend herself. She lost footing and balance, her ageing body was starting to cave from within. The mightiest of dragons could do little more then stay off the inevitable. Even Karlithen’s allies could see that defeating this monster would bring little joy to them and Raina was granted a reprieve late in the battle. They allowed her to reconsider her position and choose her own path. She was to give the essence to Karlithen and her allies and surrendering to them so that each could walk away from this death struggle. Raina left her dragon form and considered her options. She formally surrendered to them knowing that continuing the battle was a helpless cause. She accepted their offer but only under one condition, that they kill her. She could not live with fact that she didn’t complete her task and rather then live a hopeless life she wanted a truthful death.

It was at that point that Karlithen got what she always wanted, the looks from the others, the looks that say, “OK Karlithen, do what you do best- kill for us”. This moment that she has always wanted, the moment she had lived her whole life for was finally here. She was finally accepted by her allies for what she was. This moment arrived and it wasn’t anything like she thought it would be. This moment turned on her, it cursed at her. The moment that she waited a lifetime for turned out all wrong because everything in Karlithens life had changed. With the dream, the angle from Arch-Indar, her holy symbol, her past, her future, her quest, her destiny, everything about her had suddenly and completely changed. This moment she had dreamt about for years was finally here, her allies turned to Karlithen and asked her to execute Raina but she couldn’t do it. Killing Raina seamed wrong to her.

Never in Karlithen’s life had right or wrong been a reason for doing something, never had right or wrong been a reason for changing what Karlithen did but all of a sudden Karlithen thought about what was right. Normally killing an enemy during or after a battle would be a prize that Karlithen relished in, something to look forward too but not this time. Killing Raina didn’t seam right and it wasn’t part of her quest. Her allies looked at Karlithen to do what she always had done in the past and Karlithen failed them.

How could things have changed so much in such a short time, how could Karlithen not do what she has always done in the past? Sudden emotions boiled up inside of her but she refused to cry, she would not give in to them this time. Karlithen understood Raina’s motivation that death would be better then dishonor but she would not allow herself to be the one to make the killing blow. Raina didn’t deserve death, she had earned Karlithens respect so she wouldn’t be the one to kill her.

And so she watched as Bullock swung his axe down and ended Raina’s life, a moment that lasted only a second but took place in slow motion in Karlithens eyes. She saw herself standing where so many others stood while Karlithen performed the same act. She finally saw what the others had seen all of those years, she finally got to experience what it was like to see the deed done. Karlithen got to understand what it was like to sit by, hopelessly, lonely, and desperately watching the execution of an innocent creature. She fell to her knees and finally gave in to the emotions that sweep up inside of her. She wept a thousand tears that day, the tears that she swore she would never give into, the tears that she had bottled up inside of her for a lifetime.

Karlithen cried the tears that her god had finally given to her….


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