Dramorion Silverflame

Battle Mage, specialized in elemental spells and rituals.



Ability Score Mod Mod + 1/2 Level
STR 11 +0 +7
CON 14 +2 +9
DEX 18 +4 +11
INT 22 +6 +13
WIS 18 +4 +11
CHA 13 +1 +8

Trained skills

History 23 Arcana 20 Religion 18 Insight 18


AC 28 Fort 23 Reflex 28 Will 29

Background traits

  • An Outpost: +1 endurance, +1 resist to untyped damage
  • Student of Magic: +1 Arcana and +1 History
  • Great Education: +2 History and +2 Insight
  • Certain Affinity: +2 damage bonus to Fire spells, -2 damage penalty on Necrotic spells


  • Improved Initiative: +4 to initiative checks.
  • Distant Advantage: Gain combat advantage against flanked enemies with ranged and area attacks.
  • Ritual Caster: Master and perform rituals.
  • Expert Ritualist: +2 bonus to ritual skills checks.
  • Destructive Wizardry: +3 damage if hit 2 or more creatures.
  • Clever Control: +2d6 extra damage with close or area attack powers targeting multiple creatures that hits only one creature.
  • Burning Blizzard: +1 damage with acid or cold spells.
  • War Wizardry: Arcane spells are -5 to attack, half damage when used against allies.
  • Improved Staff of Defense: +1 With staff, +1 bonus to Fortitude, Reflex and Will.
  • Arcane Reach: For close arcane attack powers, choose a square within 2 squares as the origin.


  • Defensive Quarterstaff +4
  • Runic Dagger +2
  • Book of Undeniable Fire +2


  • Shadowdance Githweave Robes +3
  • Flame Bracers
  • Circlet of Mental Onslaught
  • Deep Pocket Cloak +3

Magic Items

  • Talisman of Lornu-Ava
  • Stone of Flame (from the Fortune Stone set)


At-Will Powers
Ghost Sound Light Mage Hand
Magic Missle Scorching Burst Prestidigitation
Encounter Powers
Burning Hands Fire Burst Forceful Retort
Thunderlance Staff of Defense
Daily Powers
Bigby’s Grasping Hands Fireball Guardian Hound
Prismatic Beams Acid Mire Lightning Serpent
Flaming Sphere Wall of Fire Expeditious Retreat
Fire Shield Arcane Gate Float
Dispel Magic Mass Resistance Arcane Rejuvination

Dramorion is a typical eledhel elf. Fair skin. Long, blond hair kept in a ponytail (for safety – I cast a bunch of fire spells), auburn eyes, kind of scrawny looking. He wears red robes trimmed in gold thread and carries a staff with a small orb set in the top (orb is usually clear, but changes color depending on the type of spell cast). He is a student of history and obsessed with finding magic artifacts, especially those of historical signifigance.

He was born in the outpost of Numenantha, at the western edge of the Great Heart Forest. This outpost is one of many that dot the edge of the forest and act as the first – and last – line of defense for any enemies of the elves trying to reach the capital city of Elvandar. Outpost life is hard and very dangerous, which is probably why Dramorion’s parents sent him off to live in Elvandar.

His family didn’t have a great deal of money, but was able to make a deal with an old wizard to make sure Dramorion received schooling and in return Dramorion worked as the wizard’s apprentice. The wise old wizard kept his end of the bargain, making sure Dramorion attended some of the finest schools in Elvandar. Being that he was an “outpost dweller” the other children saw Dramorion as an outsider, which made it difficult for him to make any friends. Instead of spending time after school playing with his classmates, Dramorion immersed himself in books. He read many tales about the old gods and their battles, about men and dwarves, and other people and places in Midkemia that he could only dream of seeing. It was at this point that Dramorion developed his passion for history.

As the years passed, Dramorion made the transition from student to teacher. Many people were simply amazed that someone could learn so much about the world at such a young age. Some have said that Dramorion was wise well beyond his years, while others discounted it as the young wizard simply putting people under a spell to believe he was wise and powerful. Whatever it was, it got the attention of Aglaranna, the Eldhel Queen.

One day, not so long ago, a couple of royal guards showed up, stating the Queen had requested an audience. Dramorion, of course, felt intimidated but knew he had done nothing wrong so he gladly went with them. During their talk, the Queen mentioned that one of her advisors had been keeping an eye on Dramorion. A young spellweaver with such talent and knowledge could possibly cause a lot of trouble. After months of careful watching, Queen Aglaranna and her mysterious advisor concluded that Dramorion was a very unique individual, but far from a trouble maker. Queen Aglaranna went on to say that rumors have been coming in about a Man who built an academy of magic in Stardock. Normally the Queen would send one of her trusted advisors, but they had other important matters to attend to and she needed them close by. The decision was made to send Dramorion to Stardock to find out first-hand about the academy and the man responsible for it. After spending some time there gathering information, Dramorion was to report back with his findings.

A few days later, Dramorion arrived in Stardock. Upon arriving, he met with Pug and advised he was sent from Elvandar to see what assistance the elven spellweavers could lend to him and his academy. Dramorion spent many weeks getting to know Pug. He also spoke with a number of students and teachers at the school, trying to see just what Pug’s intentions were in regards to the school. Dramorion wrote all of his information in a journal, which he kept closely guarded. Just when he was ready to return to Elvandar, Pug asked Dramorion to accompany him on a trip to Carse. He tells Dramorion only that his skill as an spellweaver and as a history student are needed and it is of utmost importance that they leave immediately. Knowing he would be unable to return to Elvandar as planned, he agrees to go to Carse with Pug. Before leaving Stardock, he writes a note to the Queen in his journal stating that Pug seemed very honorable and trustworthy and any assistance the eledhel could lend to the school would be put to good use. He also advises that he has made the decision to stay in Stardock as a teacher at the academy. He then places the journal in the good hands of one of the teachers with instructions that it be returned to Elvandar as quickly as possible.

Some days later in Carse, he enters the Inn of Double Daggers with Pug and a dark elf namrd Arkas. He helps piece together the fact that a cult worshipping Lornu-Ava wants to bring her back and now finds himself unknowingly thrust into a quest to save the world.

Dramorion Silverflame

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