A warlord/bard hybrid


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The third son of the Baron of Tiburn, Squire Bradley Tiburn is a free spirit of sorts. He had the advantage of superior martial and tactical training during his formative years, but was never pressured like his older brothers Gavin and Alec to make something of himself. Instead, he wasted a bunch of time traveling the area, becoming well known in most of the taverns in a few hundred mile radius. He has a natural ability for telling stories and can sing a good song or two – which has helped him in his endless pursuit of his next female conquest.

After turning a blind eye to his son’s antics for many years, the Baron Tiburn decided that if Bradley was not going to grow up on his own, he would force his youngest son to grow up. Sent to the King’s court in Rillanon, he was assigned to Duke Dmitri’s retinue. A natural born leader on the battlefield, he impressed many of the military minds in the court. Pressed to enter the army, Bradley resisted, unsure that was what he was meant to do with his life. Life went on, Bradley fulfilled his duties as a squire, but was still prone to drink, song, and women.

A single letter sent directly to the King changed Bradley’s destiny forever. He was to make haste to Caldera and meet the great sorcerer Pug. Unsure of the rhyme or reason why, Bradley made haste across the Kingdom, and wondered why he had been singled out by a man he had never met.


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