King Lyam

The brother to Arutha, son of Duke Borric, and King


Lyam ConDoin was the son of Duke Borric conDoin of Crydee. His brothers are Arutha ConDoin and Martin Longbow (a long-held secret of Duke Borric).

Lyam, was blond, powerfully built man with an open smile was the image of his mother’s. As a youth Lyam was tall and powerfully built with blonde hair shoulder length hair and a closely trimmed beard.

Lyam’s father Duke Borric was second in line for the throne of the Kingdom of the Isles, because neither King Rodric IV (Lyam’s cousin) nor the King’s brother, the Prince Erland of Krondor, had any male heirs. As a member of the royal house Lyam was a Prince of the Realm from birth.

As a child he was tutored by Father Tully, Swordmaster Fannon and Kulgan the magician. He was known for causing trouble during his childhood and had to be punished many times for breaking rules when caught. At the time of Pug’s Choosing before the start of the Riftwar, Lyam was 20 years old, being 2 years older than Arutha.

When Crydee became aware of the threat of to the Kingdom posed by the Tsurani, Lyam was left in command as his father left to bear the warning first to Krondor and later to King Rodric in Rillanon. During his command of the Crydee Lyam followed the advice of Swordmaster Fannon instead of that of his brother. At the start of the third year of the war he left Crydee to becomes his fathers aide-de-camp in Yabon. He was succeeded as commander by Fannon instead of his brother Arutha who was by this time the same age that Lyam had been when he had gained command.

Near the end of the Riftwar Lyam’s father is mortally wounded and as he lays dying Lyam has to give thought to the message of a possible peace treaty from the Tsurani Emperor. Following the tragic wounds of Duke Borric, Prince Erland, and King Rodric IV during the Riftwar, Lyam becomes the next heir to the throne. The matter of succession was unsure due to the revelation that Martin Longbow was actually Duke Borric’s eldest son.

Shortly before his death from wounds in battle King Rodric names Lyam as his heir as eldest male ConDoin. This disturbs Lyam as Martin should have first claim. Lyam agrees to peace with the Tsurani and during the peace treaty signing he takes part in the battle after the betrayal of Macros the Black. Lyam becomes King of the Isles despite telling Martin that he should be heir. Martin renounces his claim and those of his future progeny. Pug and Kulgan believe that Lyam would make a good King as people would follow him to death. After his coronation he sets out on a tour of the eastern realms with his two brothers.

Lyam did not have a significant role during his kingship. His brother Arutha, whom Lyam named Prince of Krondor following his coronation, was much more significant. Lyam brought his armies to Sethanon, but saw no fighting due to winds going against his ships.


King Lyam

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