Pug (Milamber)

A keep boy who rose to become the greatest magic user in Midkemia


Pug, also known as Milamber (after being rediscovered as a Magician on the Tsurani home world of Kelewan) is the most powerful Magician on his home world of Midkemia.

Pug was left as an orphan in the road until a woman left him at an abbey of Dala. Priests brought him to the Castle Crydee not having the means to raise him. Duke Borric conDoin declared him a freeman.

Pug grew as a kitchen boy in the small town of Crydee, and learned reading by head cook Megar and his wife Magya who treated him like their son. Tomas their true son was his best friend.

During one stormy night, he was introduced to the magician Kulgan who by a means of a crystal sphere, noticed a great potential in him. Soon after, in his day of Choosing, Kulgan picked him for his apprentice. However although Kulgan sensed his potential and ability of the theory of magic, Pug was troubled for not being able to perform spells. [edit] Apprentice

Eventually, during accompanying his childhood fantasy, Princess Carline conDoin during an excursion, she saved her life from two trolls. As a reward, he was granted the title of Squire and the estate of Forest Deep. Usually he dined next to Carline who generally became more open and close to him, to Squire Roland’s dismay.

When Duke Borric decided to warn the Free Cities and Krondor about an imminent Tsurani invasion, Pug begged Kulgan to come along with Tomas.

The day before his depart the Princess called both Pug and Roland in her garden where they ended in a brawl. Pug unconsciously cast a spell which caused Roland to struggle himself. Pug prevented this and then calmly discussed their differences where Pug decided that Roland truly loved her and himself should live Carline for him. That evening, Roland, Pug and Tomas over cups of beer, sworn to be friends from now on.

The next day Pug and Tomas rode nestled between twenty pair of mounted guards and the baggage train at the rear. After days of travel, through the Green Heart, they encountered moredhel who ambushed them; the soldiers suffered many casualities, until Kulgan used a magic of mist that hid them. Eventually they reached the Grey Towers and settled in a cave. They were attacked by goblins and joined soon after by a band of dwarves led by Dolgan Tagarson.

Dolgan proposed to guide the band through Mac Mordain Cadal so that they could reach Bordon. After two days of march in the mines, they witnessed wondrous caves. On their way out however, they were attacked by a wraith. Again with help of Kulgan, the team flew towards the exit, but Tomas was left behind. When they went out, Dolgan insisted to go back and look if Tomas was still alive.

Eventually Borric and his team continued towards Bordon to meet Talbott Kilrane. They encountered Natalese Rangers who led them into the city but the ship merchant reassured the prefect he expected them. After a pleasant stay and rest in his mansion, the team sailed with one of Talbott’s personal vessels, Storm Queen to Krondor.

Two weeks while sailing in the Bitter Sea, a great storm hit them, and Captain Abram decided to turn. Queg would be impossible, and ended on the Insula Beata; after 3 days of stay while the sailors repaired the Queen, Pug accompanied Arutha, Kulgan and Meecham as they explored the island avoiding the tower of Macros. They found the ancient abandoned Insula Beata, where Pug had an encounter with a hermit who was none other than Macros the Black.

When finally they reached Krondor, Pug narrated his experience with the alien ship to Prince Erland; he also met Princess Anita, who was pledged to marry Arutha. However the meeting was not how Borric wished since Erland had no authority to muster the Armies of the West and they were to go and ask the permission of the King himself, accompanied by the Royal Krondorian Lancers.

On their way to Salador, a storm of unusual intensity in the mountains west of Darkmoor and stayed at an inn outside the village. Later they fell upon a village being troubled by bandits which they drove away. The villagers welcomed and hosted the Duke’s party, offering food and beds.

In Salador, the group was hosted by Duke Kerus, who shared his concerns to the Duke about the mental state of the King, and his tensioned relationship to Prince Erland. Pug was with them and heard all of it.

On his trip to Rillanon to gain King Rodric’s aid for the Western Realm they soon realise King Rodric is mad and under counsel of Guy du Bas-Tyra and can gain no help from him. Later while they planned about how they could persuade the King, the invasion begins. Before Guy du Bas-Tyra could arrive and advise the King, he unexpectedly grants Borric the command of the Armies of the West.

Borric (followed by Kulgan, Meecham and Pug) go to Ylith and then join Brucal near LaMut to aid him with the defenses.

Pug was captured by the Tsurani during the Riftwar and has since learned to harness the power of both worlds. edit Slavery

Four years passed, and Pug was working as a slave in a swamp camp on Kelewan, with a newcomer, Laurie of Tyr-Sog, a minstrel. Pug outlived all other Midkemians he knew, since they died from diseased or killed by their masters.

When his Slaver Master Nogamu insisted on cutting a rotted ngaggi tree, Pug fell and almost drowned in the swamp trapped under a branch. Nogamu called the other slaves to resume work and leave Pug; Laurie objected and Nogamu hit him twice. Lord Hokanu who was with them however, acknowledging all this was Nogamu’s mistake, ordered Pug to be freed and cared, and Laurie too, since his injury from the slaps would cause infections.

The same night, Nogamu attempted to kill Pug with a knife and managed two injuries on him before Laurie stubbing him, and Hokanu hanging him.

Pug and Laurie were taken then by Hokanu to his father’s estate. There they were ordered to train Kasumi in every aspect of Kingdom culture and Language. There Pug also met a slave girl, Katala, with whom he fell in love and planned to ask her for marriage. However his Lords had other plans for him and Laurie.

Eventually Fumita, the brother of the Lord Kamatsu, was a Great One, and learned that Pug had been apprenticed as a magician on Midkemia. He claimed Pug for the Assembly, the brotherhood of Magicians, and they vanished from the Shinzawai estate, ruining thus the Shinzawai plans.

Pug was cleansed of his memory by the teachers of the Assembly and after four years of training became a magician. He learned he was a gifted follower of the Greater Path, a magic unheard of upon Midkemia; Kulgan was a Lesser Path magician, the reason of his inability to teach Pug. Upon attaining the Grey Robes of a Great One, Pug was given the name Milamber. His teacher, Shimone, watched as Milamber passed his final test, standing upon a thin spire at the height of a storm while the history of the Empire of Tsuranuanni was revealed to him. There he was steeped in the first duty of a Great One, attaining the Black Robes: to serve the Empire. Milamber met his first friend in the assembly; Hochopepa, a shrewd magician who instructed Milamber in the pitfalls of Tsurani politics.

Milamber, returned to the Shinzawai estate to claim Katala, and discovered he was a father of a son born during his absence. He also learned the Shinzawai were involved with a plot with the Emperor to force peace upon the Tsurani high council, which was dominated by the Warlord. Laurie was to guide Kasumi, who had by then mastered the language and customs of the Kingdom, to the King, bearing the Emperor’s offer of peace. Pug wished them well and took his wife and child to his home.

In a day, Milamber attended the Imperial Games, given by the Warlord to commemorate his glorious victory over Lord Borric. Milamber was shocked at the wanton cruelty, in particular the treatment of Midkemian prisoners. Enraged, he destroyed the arena in a show of astonishing magical power, shaming the Warlord and thereby throwing the politics of the Empire into shambles. Milamber then fled with Katala and William back through the rift to Midkemia.

Once back in Midkemia, he helped end the Riftwar with the help of Tomas and Macros the Black. He was given the title of Duke of Stardock by the dying Duke Borric and found the magician’s academy on the Isle of Stardock.


Pug (Milamber)

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