Bandits! (part 2)

One-Eyed Bart gets his.

The night was uneventful and I got a decent night’s sleep, my first one not in a real bed since I left the outpost many years ago. As the sun rose above the treetops, I was memorizing my spells for the new day when Hordo came back into camp. He mentioned that he was scouting the road ahead and saw someone travelling down from the area where the bandit camp is. Hordo said he saw the man strolling down the road just stop and fiddle with something on the side of the road, just inside the treeline. The dwarf went on to explain that when the man was finished, he turned and headed up the road back the way he came.

After Hordo told us this, we all gathered up our things and got ready to travel. We made our way up the road and stopped just short of the area Hordo pointed out. Streeaka looked around and found the tripwires zig-zagging across the road. He hunkered down to study and disarm the trap. As he reached out to touch one of the wires, a slight breeze blew through the trees and the whole contraption fell apart. “I’ve built better traps in my sleep” he muttered.

Before going any further, we decided it would be best to scout ahead and see what was in store for us. Streeaka went to the left of the road and entered the forest, while Arkas entered the woods on the right side. The rest of us waited just off the road, using the shadows cast by the trees as cover.

We waited for what seemed like an eternity before Streeaka and the dark elf returned. From what the told us, they had seen about eight to ten men in the camp ahead. One of them wore an eye patch and carried a large axe. We guessed this was One-Eyed Bart.

Preparing for the upcoming fight, a plan was in order. It was discussed that Streeaka and Arkas would each enter the woods again and take up positions near the edge of the clearing. The rest of us would slowly make our way up the road, pretending to be wounded travelers and calling out for help. We hoped that this would draw Bart and his men into the narrow road. Once this happened, Arkas and Streeaka would spring out of the forest and prevent the bandits from being able to retreat into the camp. It was a good plan, but nothing ever goes to plan.

What really happened was once Bart got close enough to the group, Karlithen teleported him right into the center of the group. Bart look around. He was surrounded by a woman, a wizard, a ranger and a scared-looking cleric. I think I heard him chuckle as he swung around with his axe and knocked all four of us on our behinds.

The fight was on. It was the most difficult battle I had been involved in, but eventually we took care of Bart and his group. This group of Green Heart Bandits were no more.

As we were looking around the campsite looking for gold and magic items, a ghostly apparition appeared nearby. It looked to be the leader of the group that attacked us in the deserted town a few days ago. He only smiled and said “Thank you, the curse has been lifted” before he disappeared again.



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