Arrival in Caldara

The dwarven king lends a hand.

The rest of our journey to Caldara went without trouble. Riding on our phantom steeds, it also went pretty quick. We dispelled our magical mounts about half an hour outside the city gates and walked the rest of the way so that we didn’t scare the locals. Unfortunately, having a dark elf among our ranks made the guards very suspicious of us anyway.

At first the gate guards were not going to let any of us in, even when I told them that we were on a great mission to save the world. It was only when Hordo, ever the businessman, started to paint a picture of the mass riches that would flow through the streets of Caldara, riches that would benefit every dwarf, woman and child of the city, if he could only have a few minutes of time with the king. Only then did the guards reconsider and agree to let us in to see King Dolgan, but only Hordo and myself were allowed entrance to the city. The other four were to remain outside until we returned.

One of the guards escorted Hordo and myself to King Dolgan’s residence. Once we entered, again Hordo started his sales pitch – untold wealth for the king and everyone in Caldara, if he could get the king’s stamp of approval. Dolgan sampled the dwarven brew and found it had a very unique taste that isn’t found in other dwarven ales. The king gave Hordo exactly what he came for, approval to speak with the finest taverns and inns the city had to offer and the king’s personal recommendation for Hordolicious. Hordo excused himself, stating he now had other business to attend to and left me alone to speak with the king about our real mission.

Not having an opportunity to speak before now, I greeted the king and from the folds of my robes presented the stone that had been given to us by Pug. Dolgan took the stone and his expression became extremely serious. “You seek out the temple?” he asked.

“My companions and I do” I replied. “It seems a cult has made itself known that wants to bring back Lornu-Ava. If that happens, well, we know what that means for all of Midkemia.”

The king nodded. “What can I do to help?”

“I am hoping that in your city’s archives there may be a map or some reference to the location of the temple. The Grey Towers are large and the caverns that run beneath them many. We need some clue to point us toward the temple’s location.”

Dolgan again nodded. He not only agreed to let me visit Caldara’s archives but said that the scholars themselves would help with the search. I told the king that I appreciated his generosity, but the search could take days and some of my companions were made to wait outside the city gates. At that, Dolgan called over a guard and instructed him to go to the south gate, find the four who were made to wait and bring them back here.

I again thanked King Dolgan for his assistance and left for the archives. There was not a moment to waste if we were going to find the temple quickly. As I made my way through the city streets I hoped that my companions would not lose sight of our task and would not cause Caldara or King Dolgan any trouble, but somehow I knew that was too much to ask.



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