A Moment of Clarity

Campfire ramblings.

Fate is cruel.

Most mortal beings are unable to see into their future. So we walk the path that is our lives thinking we are in control. The reality is we are blindly being pushed down the path by the cruel hand of fate. Our lives are not totally out of our control, we are allowed to make some small decisions when faced with a fork in the path, but fate makes the big decisions for us and it isn’t until we round the bend in the road before we realize the turn our life has taken. Those are the times in life when we take a step back and ask ourselves “How did I get here?”

I am having one of those life moments right now. In a moment of clarity, I realized that I am involved in a quest to save the world from Lornu-Ava, the Goddess of the Void. Someone wants to bring her back and if my companions and I fail the task laid before us, all we know will cease to exist. If we are successful they may tell tales of our quest and sing songs in our name for many ages to come. Just like the heroes of past, whose adventures were told in the history books I read so eagerly as a child.

The thing is, I am not a hero. There is nothing special about me. I am a young Eledhel, a lifelong student of magic and history. Just a few days ago I made the decision to become a teacher at the Academy of Magic in Stardock. I am not some great, powerful wizard who willingly went off to save all mankind from some terrible evil. Fate has directed me down this path and it’s much too late to turn back.

The fate of countless lives in Midkemia rests on the shoulders of an eledhel, a moredhel, three men and a dwarf.

Fate is cruel.



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