The quest to save Midkemia has begun!

Our campaign is set in the world of Midkemia, which was created by author Raymond E. Feist. The first series of novels he wrote, called the Riftwar Saga, includes the books Magician (1982), Silverthorn (1985), and A Darkness at Sethanon (1986). Since that time Mr. Feist has authored over 20 more novels.

Our group is on a quest to save Midkemia from the return of Lornu-Ava – the Goddess of Void and Nothingness.

Characters for this campaign are:
Karlithen – Man of the Kingdom female paladin and ex-soldier of the army. The only thing that shines brighter than her beauty is her faith.
Dramorion Silverflame – Eledhel male spellweaver (wizard). A lifelong history student that seeks out artifacts of historical signifigance.
Elric Ravenswing – Male Natalese ranger, our scout and master of the bow. Also known as Elric the Brave.
Bullock – Dwarven Fighter and warrior of the dwarves. Famous for helping to end the great war by killing a politician with a great blow
Bradley – Man of the Kingdom NPC bard/warlord. The third son of a baron in the east, Squire Bradley was hand picked by Pug to meet the party and offer his assistance. Bradley is a bit of a free spirit who likes to have fun, but when the fighting starts, his natural abilities as a tactical leader stand out.
Characters no longer in the campaign:
Hordo – Male Dwarf barbarian, he not only swings his axe with great skill but is a master brewer. His brew, Hordolicious, is beginning to be distributed across Midkemia.
Streeaka – Man of the Kingdom male assassin. A quiet man who lives in the darkness and dispenses justice from the shadows. Rumor is he is not a member of the Nighthawks, but rather a ‘free-lancer.’
Isaac – Man of the Kingdom NPC cleric. A priest of Ishap making his way along with the group on the behest of Duke Martin. He’s a timid man, and afraid of fighting.
How we play:
The DM of the campaign built an application that has the custom races of the world along with racial feats. Used in conjunction with the D&D character builder, players are able to produce full fledged D&D characters that fit the Midkemian mythos.
Races include Man of the Kingdom, Natalese, Tsurani, Eledehel, Moredhel (with certain restrictions), Eldar, Glamredhel, Keshian, Quegan, and Hidati Hillman.
Some classes were removed from the campaign as they did not seem to fit the world. Warlocks, Wardens, Druids, and Shamans were not available. Although since Druids make an appearance in some of the books, Druids may be reintroduced into the game.
This adventure takes place three years after the Battle of Sethanon. NPCs the characters will encounter will be from this time frame. They may encounter characters from later stories, but they will be handled in time/setting appropriate manners.
Latest adventure log entry:
The Journey of Hiram Updated January 27th, 2010


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